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Linear Park, Access to The City of Carhue, Chile

The 12,000 m2 plot of land is surrounded by houses and public infrastructure, and further away, natural forests, meadows and ponds, all characteristic of the Araucanía region in the south of Chile.

The original terrain did not have an intentional design, which lacked a connection with its natural environment; it seemed it was product of the refusal of its inhabitants to face nature and subsequently looked abandoned. It did not adequately respond to the needs its community; a vast program including sports equipment and playgrounds in poor condition, were not welcoming or provided public shelter.


The site had the particularity of having 7 antique steam machines from the XIX th century, which were used in the region for agricultural, industrial and forestry activities up until the mid XXth century. Although the steam machines could have been a local attraction, their poor condition and the way they were publicly displayed did not make them appealing to the community. Their positioning on the premises was random and they did not constitute a walkable route.